Pop art was a topic that caught my interest during history class last semester. Pop art is an art movement that emerged in Britain in the mid 1950’s  and then in American during the late 1950’s. Pop art was the art of popular culture. It was a challenge to fine art and was a young, fun, hostile art movement. It incorporated different styles of painting and sculpture from various parts of the world. The common feature in Pop art was an interest in mass-media, mass-culture and mass-production.

images labiose-Pop-art Popcorn_Chicken_thumb



Pop art images are a combination of humor, irony & criticism. Pop Art made commentary on contemporary society and culture, by using popular images and icons and incorporating and re-defining them in the art world. Often subjects were derived from advertising and product packaging, celebrities, and comic strips

One of the famous Pop art sculptor who was famous for public art installations of large replicas of everyday objects. He was the artist who inspired me for the history class assignment on food replicas. More about this can be read in my next post.




My first ever conceptual model

My first ever conceptual model

DIGITAL-PORTFOLIO_page16_image3   DIGITAL-PORTFOLIO_page16_image2DIGITAL-PORTFOLIO_page15_image1

These are some images of my first ever model that I constructed during the foundation program at college. The concept I choose was Ecological Conservation. The final model was a result of design development that started with a single image. All materials used here is Eco friendly paper and boards together with ekel..

I Feel Safe

One of the main projects for the last semester was the Retail project. We had to re-design the retail outlet Fashion Bug. As interior designers we usually re-create or design spaces based on a concept. My concept for this retail outlet was Belief. As researching on topic I came across this painting which I incorporated in my design development.



 This is a painting done by a young Slovenian interior designer and passionate artist called Dreja Novak. She creates powerful paintings that create emotions & feelings by using vibrant colors.The main reason I choose this painting is because it evokes a clear message which directly reflects the concept Belief. Belief is a personal aspect & cannot be influenced or changed easily. Belief is the lion within you which keeps an individual strong. I used this image to extract the color palette for the interior space.

Less is more vs. Less is a bore

While at history class last week, we had a in class debate on the topic ‘less is more.’ As I’m strong believer in less is more, I was for this topic. Attached below is a link that my friend and I referred to get some points for the debate…

In the debate I argued of how people don’t value what he/she has when they more & also forget to value the important aspects even when it comes to life….

GOGGLES – Barefoot

Goggles: analyzing or seeing a space through Interior design goggles. This was our first year, first semester and our first ever project and presentation. We were first taken on site tours to the British High Commission, CASA Colombo and Barefoot. Then on as a group we were asked to choose one space and conduct a detailed analysis of it. Our group choose Barefoot and I was asked to analyze the ‘Customer Experience.’ 

Environments are the most physical expression of a brand affecting opinions, emotions & Purchasing decisions.


Located in Kollupitiya, Barefoot has targeted the right customer group who include the inquisitive locals and foreigners, cultural enthusiasts & shoppers who value design.  I studied that most of the locals who visit Barefoot are high income earners who think its an ideal place to relax respite the heat, traffic & busy streets. It was also analyzed that some of the locals visit Barefoot don’t come to relax but consider it as a space to show-off their social class to others. 

On the other hand the foreigners love the atmosphere and service therefore leaving with a great shopping experience & value for money.