Pop art was a topic that caught my interest during history class last semester. Pop art is an art movement that emerged in Britain in the mid 1950’s  and then in American during the late 1950’s. Pop art was the art of popular culture. It was a challenge to fine art and was a young, fun, hostile art movement. It incorporated different styles of painting and sculpture from various parts of the world. The common feature in Pop art was an interest in mass-media, mass-culture and mass-production.

images labiose-Pop-art Popcorn_Chicken_thumb



Pop art images are a combination of humor, irony & criticism. Pop Art made commentary on contemporary society and culture, by using popular images and icons and incorporating and re-defining them in the art world. Often subjects were derived from advertising and product packaging, celebrities, and comic strips

One of the famous Pop art sculptor who was famous for public art installations of large replicas of everyday objects. He was the artist who inspired me for the history class assignment on food replicas. More about this can be read in my next post.




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