Retail Project : Concept Belief

For the retail project last semester I was analyzing the concept Belief. Through research I found that there are 3 ways that Belief is created in human. One of which is Social Aspect.

1) SOCIAL ASPECT – self esteem (overall sense of self-worth or personal value). It is a set of beliefs about oneself. In order to be motivated one has to believe in oneself. I was inspired by the brain molecules as a graphical representation of my idea & developed it further leading to a concept model & massing for my space.

For this I was also inspired by a project conducted by Dove which I happened to see on Facebook



Gothic Design

During an in-class presentation at history class we were put in groups & my group was asked to speak on the architectural elements in Gothic design. The architecture of the great medieval Gothic cathedrals is one of the glories of European civilization. It evolved from the Romanesque architecture & was succeeded by Renaissance architecture.

I was interested in talking of Gothic Arches. There are four types of arches. Shown below are some sketches that I did of the arches.


Logo Design Inspiration

The Retail project last semester was the first time I designed a logo. To be honest I really didn’t know that as interior designers it was a part of the design package to re-create a logo for the space. This is when I realized that it’s not the walls & floors that matter but also little detail play a big role in the interior design world.

When I was designing a logo for the retail project, I had no clue as to how/what should be included in a logo. So as I was looking through I found a very interesting site which really inspired me in my logo design. Attached below are some logo’s from the site “99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration.” (

best-logo-2013-13 best-logo-2013-15 best-logo-2013-20 typeandlogo-83

This site really helped me design my logo for the retail project. Shown below is my very own logo….




One of the projects last semester was an exhibition project. The exhibition was called “ID ME.” For this project we had to design the exhibition layout as well as the exhibits. All of us had to design an layout & the best layout was chosen to be implemented at the actual exhibition.

For my exhibition layout I was inspired by compositions. I saw my class as a composition. Composition by definition is a combination of distinct parts to form a whole. These elements once dismantled come together forming a different shape. Each student in a class is like an element in a composition having their own strengths & weaknesses. Shown below are some pages from my sketchbook showing how I got to the layout

Final Composition leading to End layout

Sketch Book_page7_image2 Sketch Book_page8_image1END LAYOUT (ABOVE)

Sketch Book_page8_image2Sketch Book_page9_image2

Bakery Design

Designing bakeries was something that always caught my attention. Again done by a Japanese design studio “Airhouse Design Office.”  Located in Central Japan (Gifu), It mainly features a tree growing out of its curved timber counter. It is a small bakery with a shop space and kitchen divided by a structural plywood display counter.

The architect Keiichi Kiriyama says “The plywood counter can be used for a variety of purposes such as a display space, checkout counter or a working space to cut bread and knead dough,”

Also this shop with a small-sized staff the design enables the owner to always have knowledge of the shop situation and allows different actions depending on how much bread is produced.

dezeen_Bread-Table-by-Airhouse-Design-Office_4 dezeen_Bread-Table-by-Airhouse-Design-Office_5dezeen_Bread-Table-by-Airhouse-Design-Office_3dezeen_Bread-Table-by-Airhouse-Design-Office_1


( )

I was mainly inspired by this design because of its simplicity and elegance. Usually bakery stores are packed with items all around the space but this bakery is the total opposite to it. Also the tree growing from the counter is a unique feature that shows conservation/ love towards the environment.

Inspirational Japanese Designer- Tadao Ando

After our in class presentation on Japanese Architecture there were some designers who really inspired me. Going first in my list is Tadoa Ando. Ando has a strong background in Japanese culture. Japanese religion and style of life strongly influenced his architecture and design. His designs are mostly simple. In order to maintain the concept of simplicity Ando uses concrete providing a sense of cleanliness & weightiness at the same time.

Church Of Light By Tadao Ando (

28764_1292720145_large (1)

Tadao Ando’s work in Sri Lanka. A three-storey concrete house built in the edge of a southern cliff in Sri Lanka

dezeen_House-in-Sri-Lanka-by-Tadao-Ando_1 dezeen_House-in-Sri-Lanka-by-Tadao-Ando_3 dezeen_House-in-Sri-Lanka-by-Tadao-Ando_9