Restaurant Project

Currently at college we are working on the biggest design project for the first year. This is a leisure project that aims at designing a restaurant. The easiest way in designing a restaurant is the thematic approach. So here we were asked to choose a country & menu that we don’t know so that at the end of the project we learn more about various cuisines & cultures. At first I was confused as to what I should choose. When researching I was inspired by Moroccan cuisine because its one of the World’s best cuisines.

food12 recipe-image-legacy-id--52341_12 almond-briouat-closeup


Moroccan cuisine is extremely refined, thanks to Morocco’s’s interactions and exchanges with other cultures and nations over the centuries. Moroccan cuisine has been subject to Berber, Moorish , and Arab influences.The main Moroccan Berber dish most people are familiar with is Couscous, the old national delicacy. Beef is the most commonly eaten red meat in Morocco.

The most popular drink is the green mint tea. Traditionally, making good mint tea in Morocco is considered an art form and the drinking of it with friends and family is often a daily tradition. The pouring technique is as crucial as the quality of the tea itself. Moroccan tea pots have long, curved pouring spouts and this allows the tea to be poured evenly into tiny glasses from a height.




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