ID ME- Exhibition Project

For the exhibition project we had to a model & write up as well as a edited photograph that describes ME. At the beginning of the project I was having trouble in finding who I am. Then on I understood that I’m a strong individual within me but afraid for challenges. Following are some images from my sketchbook.

Hamna Post Cards_page19_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page20_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page21_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page22_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page23_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page24_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page25_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page26_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page27_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page28_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page29_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page33_image1 Hamna Post Cards_page34_image1


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