Bakery Design

Designing bakeries was something that always caught my attention. Again done by a Japanese design studio “Airhouse Design Office.”  Located in Central Japan (Gifu), It mainly features a tree growing out of its curved timber counter. It is a small bakery with a shop space and kitchen divided by a structural plywood display counter.

The architect Keiichi Kiriyama says “The plywood counter can be used for a variety of purposes such as a display space, checkout counter or a working space to cut bread and knead dough,”

Also this shop with a small-sized staff the design enables the owner to always have knowledge of the shop situation and allows different actions depending on how much bread is produced.

dezeen_Bread-Table-by-Airhouse-Design-Office_4 dezeen_Bread-Table-by-Airhouse-Design-Office_5dezeen_Bread-Table-by-Airhouse-Design-Office_3dezeen_Bread-Table-by-Airhouse-Design-Office_1


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I was mainly inspired by this design because of its simplicity and elegance. Usually bakery stores are packed with items all around the space but this bakery is the total opposite to it. Also the tree growing from the counter is a unique feature that shows conservation/ love towards the environment.


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