Models (Part 2)

As I was studying the poor or the less fortunate I came across some unique characteristics …following are some of them that I used in my project by analyzing some images….

1. Sharing & caring- the poor share the little food they have but the rich fuss even after receiving a good meal. We have food fights but they fight to have one meal.

2. TOGETHERNESS (ONE FAMILY)- the slum neighborhood had one ball & one bat but the fortunate ones get bored of playing the same games.

3. One Family- the less-fortunate had one room used as dinning, living & bedroom but the rich has many rooms & still complains. The rich has walls around houses to protect them but the poor had friends to protect them.

poverty_20130311 poverty-foodJBUHX86N

From my research I analyzed that such humanely qualities are cultivated in the poverty stricken societies is because of the housing structures. Attached below are pages depicting how i got my shapes for the model.

20130814_162450 20130814_162512



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