Cube & Color Exhibition

Hiii all

Cube and color was an exhibition held at the Barefoot store featuring a collection of patchwork and weaving by the Barefoot designing team… We were taken for the exhibition through college & it was said that it’s a must-see because it was Barefoot’s design teams first ever exhibition in 5 years. There is emphasis on colour, variations, simple schemes and methods. The inspiration has and will always be this tropical island and nature. These designs are popular and unique in their own way. In truth, they are of simple lines; fabric woven in simple handloom. This is turned into lines that depict landscapes and more; pieces of variation in colour that are a work of art. They are evidence to the design team’s unlimited levels of creativity.

Following are some images that I captured during the visit which I also used as inspirations for my sketchbook….

IMG_2347 IMG_2353 IMG_2354 IMG_2355 ??????????????????????????????? IMG_2362


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